Friday, July 20, 2007

The Princely Peach

I started this blog because I loved peaches, but never seemed to eat enough of them. And I never ate enough peaches because I loved them too much. You know how when you really really like a girl you get so nervous that your stomach ties itself up into a knot so complicated it could win a Boy Scout a merit badge - and so you never call her? It's like that. But with peaches.

So what's been up? Well, I've been sick and I'm about to move, so I haven't eaten as many peaches.... As if those are excuses. I think that the two most common blog posts on earth are a) I have a blog! and b) I know I haven't updated this blog in a while but....

So I'll spare you.

I just felt the need to expound on the gracefulness of the peach, the wonderful peach. It is undoubtedly the best fruit ever invented. Think of how boring this blog would be if it were the 100 Carrot Caper? Or the 40 Rib-Roast Romp? Yes. It is only the peach that can be enjoyed so much - so well - too well.... Well enough for a blog.

So here's what you can expect, you, my small enclave of fans and friends: Before I leave for Florida, on the 29th of July, you're going to get: 1 (one) interview with a peach farmer and 20 (twenty) peaches eaten. Before I get to the Twin Cities in the first of August you're going to get a flush of posts about my eating over two-dozen peaches as I sit on the Florida beaches and have nothing better to do but eat. So sit tight. Peaches are only ready when they're ripe.

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