Monday, July 23, 2007

Peaches 35-36: A pretty pair, a peachly prelude....

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BOULDER, CO. The late afternoon heat was too much for the peach-bloggers of this upscale mountain community, and they set aside their important work to take naps and drink ice water, prolonging a hiatus that has upset many of the blossoming industry's die-hard fans. One prominent writer was barely dressed, even in the late afternoon, because he said "It's so damned hot. How can you expect a creative person like me to work when it's this hot?"

The peach bloggers (or peachloggers, as they are affectionately known) have had a tough couple weeks. Because of an illness that has left most of the industry stuck in bed with bad mood, and an upcoming move, their once regular reports of the quality of peaches have been absent. This has left their legions of fans without the gustatory reports on peaches they had come, this summer, to expect. Said one fan in a complaint to an important writer:
You have 60 more peaches to eat before the end of August, by the way. Don´t think we´re going to let you off the hook on that one. I will denounce your blog on my blog if you fall through on your peach promise.
But eating peaches is hard work. Laying on his bed, sweating, one young up-and-comer explained himself:
Eating peaches, well, it's a huge time commitment. That's what all these people don't understand. You can't just, you know, take a ten minute break from work and pop a couple peaches into your mouth and chew them up and then you have a peach post. I mean, you can. But that's not what they [the consumer's] want. I mean, there's plenty of competition. And we know, you know, the good peach bloggers, that it's not just about numbers, it's about quality. Like, I'm not going to name any names, but the people I'm writing for, they don't want me to talk about how I ate fifty peaches in an hour and ended up puking. They're here for something more. And that quality takes, well - it takes time.
When asked if he had written a peach post that day, that young peachlogger explained that he had spent all morning packing, and had only managed to eat two peaches that day. His batch was not yet ripe, although he reported that the peaches were rather juicy, if not amazing. He would write a post later that afternoon.

Only time will tell if this industry will finally get serious. "Tomorrow," said a respected peachlogger, laughing, "tomorrow we're expecting something special. I can't tell you yet, but we've been lazy for too long now. We're going to make a splash."

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