Friday, December 14, 2007

New Feature: Will It Nog?

It's "the season" again - the season for egg nog. Dairy department employees the world over start stocking the shelves with the thick, creamy, liquid that is as mysterious as it is tasty. What the hell is it? Why does it mingle onto our supermarket shelves only in winter, to go mosey off once the Christmas trees are migrating out to their January dumpsters? It is pointless to ask these questions. They have no answer. It is simply the Rhythm of the universe, enshrined in tradition as surely as the movement of the stars or the passage of the seasons.

To celebrate the glorious winter brew I'm taking this blog out of hiatus. We'll be starting a new section: Will it nog? I'll test popular foodstuffs and ask the important question the MAINSTREAM MEDIA are afraid to ask: will it taste good with nog?

Suggestions for foodstuffs can be left in the comments.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Sausage nogg gravy and biscuits:

1.Cook up the sausage in a large pan

2.Pour on the nogg

3.Cook for a while and add flour to thicken

4.Pour over biscuits